Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Say Cheese!

It was another great day in Room 13!  Students remembered most of the classroom routines that we established last week - and learned a few more today! 

We started spelling today and your child should have his/her spelling list stapled into his/her spelling notebook (the purplish one).  All spelling-related work and materials (including pre-tests, lists, activities/homework, spelling tests, etc.) will be kept in this notebook and it needs to go home and come back to school every day.  I sent home a yellow paper today, explaining the spelling routines and expectations in detail.   Parents:  Please make sure to read this paper carefully (both sides) and let me know if you have any questions!

Book Borrowing
Students also learned how to borrow books from our classroom library today.  Ask your child to tell you about it!

Hopes and Dreams
Last week, I was "showing off" students' fabulous second grade goals in the teachers' room when Ms. O'Malley asked me if our students might be willing to share their Hopes and Dreams with students in her class.  After discussing it with the children, we decided that it would be an honor!  This afternoon, students from Ms. O'Malley's class visited our room and listened as we shared and explained our goals. It was a great opportunity for students to interact with others - some meeting new friends and some re-connecting with old friends.  I think that students in Ms. O'Malley's class got a few ideas for their own Hopes and Dreams as well!  (We are invited back to hear their goals once they finish!!)   Scroll down to see pictures of students in action!

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