Tuesday, September 28, 2010

As usual, we have been very busy in Room 13!  Keep reading to find out more!

Yesterday, students were introduced to the reading anthology for the first time and today we read the first story, David's New Friends.  Ask your child to tell you about the story and the surprising new friend that David made at the end! 

We have also been working hard to identify characters and settings within the books/stories we read.  Students should now understand that the characters in a story are the people and/or animals that the story is about and the setting is the "where and when" the story takes place.  They have been using T-charts to list characters and settings as they read - encourage this at home, as well!

Yesterday, we talked about how it is sometimes hard to "find the math" in a word problem (AKA number story).  As a class, we worked our way through a few problems following these steps:

1. Read the problem carefully.
2. Circle the question.
3. Underline important/key words and information.
4. Cross out distracting information.
5. Make a plan/Choose a strategy (ex. act it out, draw a picture, make a chart, etc.)
6. Show your work.
7. Write your answer - including the unit.
8. Look/Check your answer - does it make sense?

Students have these steps printed out for them in the Word Problem folders, but they might be helpful to have at home too!

On Tuesday, we had our first Math Lab!  Students traveled among three stations including:  

1. Terrific Temperature: Mrs. McCarron introduced students to thermometers and temperature by guiding them through several activities.

2. Domino Addition: At this station, Mrs. Potenzone helped students sort dominoes according to their sum. Students then picked a sum and listed/drew the dominoes that equaled that sum.


3. Base-10 Block Building: With Mrs. Chambers and Mrs. Markey to guide them, students used Base-10 blocks to build a structure and then determine the “total value” of the structure by adding up all of its “parts.”


THANK YOU SO MUCH to our parent volunteers for helping out today!! :)

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