Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Monday!

This might be our first full week in a long time!  I'm excited!!

Just a couple quick updates/reminders:

Field Trip
* The field trip to Mechanics Hall in Worcester is scheduled for next Thursday (2/17). 
* Students should have a good/big breakfast that morning because they will NOT have snack.
* All students should bring a bag-lunch to school that day (including a drink).  We will be eating at Elmwood but will NOT be buying lunch. 
* All students should be on time that morning!  We are boarding the buses at 8:30!!
* Students should wear comfortable shoes and clothes.  Layers are best!

Most students were assigned a multiplication number story for homework tonight (due Wednesday, 2/9).  The same expectations apply to this story as did for other stories.  Students should use the checklist to make sure they do everything that is required!

An additional checklist is included on the Homework & Projects page, just in case you misplace yours at home!

Math Games
Students were introduced to Array Bingo today!  Scroll down to see a few pictures of them...hard at work?  (Or having fun??)

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